Is Face Painting Safe?

Face Painting Purple Cat

Is Face Painting Safe?


Face painting has its roots in ancient history and has been associated with cultural practices and traditions. Around the world there are conventions, face painting festivals, and even competitions to celebrate this art form. It is argumentatively the biggest hit at events but is it safe?

As a professional clown  and entertainer I get asked this question quite often. I tell my clients’ to consider the three P’s, Product, Professionalism, and the Person.


Be sure the paint being used on the skin is  water based and FDA compliant. No manufacturer can guarantee zero allergic reactions, however, top brands spend time on research and development of products costs money that the cheap brands just don’t bother to spend.

A cheap acrylic product is just not worth it.


Acrylics adhere well to fiber, making them a bad choice for face painting. Kids feel irritated by cheap paint that feels heavy and dry. They’ll scratch, smudge or wash it off much sooner.


While a license is not required to become a face painter in the United States a professional face painter will invest in the purchase of professional products, background checks and insurance. They’ll also take time to learn proper application and cleaning techniques to minimize skin irritation. A professional already did their homework so that you can focus on fun.


I am not a medical doctor but know enough to know that some people have sensitive skin and should not get painted.  What I’ve learned from the industry is allergic reactions when using face paints should be extremely rare.  Most allergic reactions are caused by the method the parent used to remove the face paints. One of the best ways to recognize an allergic reaction from face paints is the reaction will appear in the specific spots where the face paint was. Great memories should be permanent not face paint.

Face Painting Dos And Don’ts


Do hire a professional.
Face Painting Spider Man

Don’t put acrylic paint on the skin.

Do wash paint off with warm water and soap.

Don’t sleep in paint over night.



Oktoberfest the tradition started in Munich, Germany, back in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxoktoberfest
on-Hildburghausen Princess Therese. All were invited to join in the festivities which were held
over several days. What started off as a traditional autumn festival that featured beer-drinking and music has turned into various types of celebrations worldwide.

The word Oktoberfest is synonymous with beer. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, one of the best places for beer in the world. Our rich tavern-going  beer culture dates back more than 100 years. Philadelphia was known as the greatest brewing city until 1920 when prohibition burst the brewery bubble causing sobering sales all the way to the 1980’s.

Recently, craft victorybreweries have made a comeback and Philadelphia has regained its reputation as one of the preeminent beer cities in the country and around the world.

There are the major craft breweries like Victory and Yards, which produce and distribute some of Philadelphia’s most well known and widely accessible craft beers.

Looking for something cool to do? Why not take a tour of multiple breweries while covering the breadth of Philadelphia’s beer history? You can do so with tour companies such as Philly Brew Tours, the Philly On Tap tour from Urban Adventures and Philadelphia Brew Tours.

October is near so why not host your own Oktoberfest? Here’s a website that I came across that provides party planning checklists, food ideas and more!

Make your celebration kid friendly by hiring an entertainer.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to celebrate with or without libations celebrations are about enjoying the moment and having fun but if you choose to drink please do so responsibly.

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The Philadelphia Fringe Festival

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is a 17-day, city-wide celebration of innovation and creativity in contemporary performance.

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is presented each September by FringeArts, an umbrella organization under which artists and venues can participate in the festival.

This year the festival will take place September 9th through September 24th online and throughout various neighborhoods in Philadelphia. There will be over 1,000 unique national and international performances that are produced by independent artists and promoted by FringeArts.

Taffy the Clown  displayed her balloon twisting talent during The Kinetic Experience, a festival event that took place Saturday September 10th outside City Hall in the courtyard. This spectacular day long event was curated by the multi-talented artist, Raphael Xavier.

The Kinetic Experience described as BMX meets acrobatics meets urban street dance is set to a score composed by saxophonist Bobby Zankel and has notable performers, including contortionists and former Cirque du Soleil members.

There was fun for all ages including a moon bounce, stilt walking, professional face painting, professional balloon art, contemporary artwork and food trucks.

You can find out more about the festival and events on the FringeArt website.

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What not to do at your child’s party…

Your baby is turning 1! You should be celebrating with love ones instead, you take refuge in the bathroom wearing sweat pants and a dirty Tee while they complain because there is no food. You apologized explained that bargain pizza chain promised the pies would be delivered in 30 minutes or less. This is not how you envisioned this day would turn out. In your mind your outfit, hair and makeup would be flawless. It seems like only yesterday you attended your niece’s party and thought about throwing one that would surely outdo hers. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

You had months to plan but you procrastinated and underestimated what it takes to pull off the perfect event. Now it is the day of the party and not only did you forget to invite “never forgive forever hold a grudge Aunt Agnes” financial restraints caused you to skimp on the decoration, party favors and settle for a sheet cake from the refrigerated section of the local grocery store. To top it off the teenager that wrote happy birthday on the cake misspelled your baby’s name.

Hopefully nothing like this has ever happened to you. Here’s what I like to call the 4 P’s of Partying event planning steps that should help make your event extraordinary.

Step 1.


Great events are a product of ideas. Ask yourself, when will you host your party? Where will it be? What type of party will you have? Who will you invite? These simple questions play an important part of the planning process. Which brings us to step number two, planning.

Step 2.


The late great Benjamin Franklin said, ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’ One of the major factors in planning is knowing your budget. What you can afford. Parties should be fun but shouldn’t put you in debt. Once your budget is in order search for venues, party favors, decorations and what is needed to bring your party to fruition. Planning also allows you to search for deals which are often found online.

Step 3.


This step is all about action. It includes delegating responsibilities if needed, booking entertainment, assembling party favors, etc. This can be a fast or quick process depending on the size of your event and what is discovered in the planning process.

Step 4.


Ideally you want everything completed the day before the party but some things have to be done the day of such as displaying perishable items or decorating a hall. Try and get an early start on execution so when the party starts you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. These things may sound like common sense but so many take them for granted that’s why people make careers out of doing nothing but planning the execution of someone’s idea of a special day. Some call them event planners, wedding coordinators… sometimes even life savers.

Remember my 4 P’s of party planning and that it doesn’t matter what type of event you have fun is what you make it so make it great!

Print my FREE Party Planning Checklist to help you plan your next event.


How to Book an Entertainer

How to Book an Entertainer

Most children’s parties occur between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and lasts usually 4 hours.

It’s best to schedule the performer’s show 1 to 2 hours after the party is planned to begin especially if you have many guests traveling long freeway distances or if you know that your guests tend to run late.

It is a good idea to keep the entertainment simple for children ages 1 to 5. Small children love balloons and music. Little girls like princesses and little boys like super heroes and pirates. Traditional white face clowns or Auguste face Clowns (clowns with little or no face makeup) are also great for boys and girls.

Kids 6 to 10 usually enjoy themed parties, magic, balloons, face painting and party games. Tea, dance, dress-up and glamour face make-up  parties are girly girl favorites.  Super heroes and sports are usually a hit with boys.  Boys and girls enjoy animals, moon bounces, fake tattoos, games and amusement park-like rides.

Goodie bags are a must! These are filled with goodies (toys and/or candy) appropriate for the age and gender of your party guests.  If you hire entertainment they may be able to provide these to fit your budget.   If you’re keeping to a particularly tight budget, inexpensive prizes and souvenirs can be found at some discount stores.  Your entertainment provider should have suggestions for you. Be sure to hand them out as your guest leave so they won’t get distracted or leave more of a mess for you to have to clean up.

Check out our free tips, checklists, games and party ideas to help  plan your  next event and remember small children often pay more attention to the performance when parents also watch or join in.